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If you arrive here, you can veify the special view in front of you: the Serchio valley with the Appennines and the Apuan Apls around. On the one hand the Pania della Croce and the Pania Secca give you a special frame. They dominate the little village of Vergemoli and they give you wonderul sunsets. On the other hand Barga, dominated by the Appennines,and the snow creates an unreal outline. The hill, where “Summer” is situated was the oldest original position of Verni. A big landslide or an earthquake destroyed it more than 200 years ago.

“Agriturismo Summer” is situated 500 mt above sea-level; on the top of the “Piazza hill”, on the main road to Trassilico but it’s plunged in the fields and chestnuts trees, about 600 mt ar from the village of Verni. About 5 km far from Gallicano (10 minutes) by car where you can find all services and shops that you need.


The position of “Summer” is tsrategic, because it’s the half-way between Lucca (1 hour by car) and the high side of Garfagnana.

Garfagnana is a little paradise, that you have to discovery, if you love nature, relax and adventure.

Garfagnana’s area has got a lot of woods, where you can walk to discovery the Apuan Apls with their summits: Pania della Croce, M. Forato, M. Matanna, M. Sumbra, and the most famous tops of Appennines.

You can wander through medieval villages and you can see them like in an old film.

All is the same as in the past, where industry and commerce can’t survive.

About 20 minutes far from the agriturismo you can visit the legendary “Wild cave”, where fan of speleology or normal tourists can adventur in the heart of the mountain, to admire everything what nature can create.

In the summer time, guests can use vgetables from our garden, in october we pick chestnuts, guests can come with us to take part in the preparation of the “metato” (place where we put chestnuts to dry and to make flour) and more-over they can taste our typical products or dishes.

But now we can start to visit the agriturismo...

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